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The Soul Of Night

This is my domain. I'm not asking you to believe me, but just try to understand.
respect me as the wonderful being I am, and in return, I will respect you.

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Living in this world, I've come to believe that most humans don't know what to find in their lives. Secrets about themselves, they may never know. But life is truely beautiful, even though it may not seem so at times. But I have a great respect for it. as I am a therianthrope. A lycan, or as hollywood stereotypes my kind, the famous name "werewolf". But therianthrope seems like a more acceptable name. Alot of people whom I've told about my true self, have taken it as nothing more than a joke. but the real joke is that they can't accept the fact that others exist, and the thought scares them so.
I've often wondered about why lycanthropy is listed as nothing more than a mental illness. But that is science for you, humans believe science can prove everything. How wrong they are, yet how stupid. Science can't prove if there is a devil or a god, nor can it prove that ghosts and aliens don't exist either. It is only in their minds, which are highly  complex, but still they fail to understand.
Science can only help them learn about the world around, it can't prove truth from lie. or in my case, truth through myth.
For centuries people feared the thought of a man transforming into a blood thirsty killer under the light of moon. But that was only their fear, and they never really understood the spirit of the lycanthrope. so they called it a disease, a mental condition, because of their beliefs. while all along it was nothing more than a man with the soul of a wolf. It sounds absurd, but it happens, some souls are sent to the wrong body. I, for one, have dealt with knowing this. Whenever someone wonders why they are so different, and believe they are in the wrong body, they are so true about it. It is a depressing secret to live with, hard to tell anyone. because no one nowadays, is trust worthy. They may listen, then laugh at you, because they dont believe it. Well the part where believing comes in, is only an illusion. The work of the human mind, Not very many lycans are known, because we live our secret lives, only telling those we trust, about our true selves.
We live by our own rules just as humans do, except we have a little more respect for the world. Many lycans are artists, they have so much inspiration, even by the smallest things in life, and the smallest things in life are usually more precious than you realize, till they're gone.
For me, my inspiration comes from my nocturnal side. I like to stay up as late as possible....well I'm a lycan, so of course i like the night. just as well as vampires do. and yes... vampires are real, but not the kind you see in movies, they are actually very spiritual beings as well, and a lycans worst enemy, all because of a horrid past, back when vampires enslaved the lycans... very depressing... but once the lycans started to fight back, it got hmmm how should i say it, ugly? Yes it got ugly, and our hatred for one another still goes on. But not all vampires are bad, as not all lycans are good. like myself. alot of my friends may think I am a very caring person, well I can be, but I'm really cold hearted, belive it or not, and I harbor alot of hatred for some vampires and humans. But my hatred only makes me look bad, but I could really care less.
Why do I have this hatred you ask? Well its really simple, Vampires enslaved my kind, and humans exaggerated us, assuming we were mental cases. oh it says lycanthrope in the medical book... well fuck that.  it is not a mentality case, it is a spiritual being. but the day i see therianthrope in the medical book, is the day I wreck havoc on all around me. I wont stand for this shit, it's not fair, not fair at all, we're not even given a chance, just stereotyped in movies and what-not. This world has grown to be cruel, only because of humans. They say the wolf is a beast, but the truth is, the real beast is man. You don't see wolves tearing up beautiful land, polluting air and such do you? Or chopping down trees or killing just for fun. A Wolf kills to live, not for entertainment, and they live together in a pack, loving and caring for one another, like a perfect life should be.
I'm sure you still may have your doubts about me and what I've been saying, but you are free to have your oppinion about me, as I am to have one about you. and trust me, you wouldnt want to know what I think of you. it would haunt your dreams, your mind, even your soul. The things I say are deep and harsh, and they make you actually think, instead of assuming.
I'm sure you may want to email me to harass me for whatever reason, but you'll only get my harsh attention, if that is what you crave.

                              Myth & Fact
 Myth: A lycan can transform into a wolf only during a full moon
fact: a lycan doesnt transform, it goes into shifts, such as mental, spiritual etc.
myth: the lycan is blood thirsty
fact: The lycan can only become blood thirsty during a hunger rage, which occurs before a new moon.
myth: the moon causes the transformation.
fact: the moon doesnt cause transformation, but it does cause moodyness and other  personality effects.
Myth: silver can kill a werewolf
fact: lost lycans are allergic to silver, but it wont kill them.
myth: the lycans appearace is that of a wolf, usually hairy face.
fact: a lycan looks as normal as you or me, you can only tell by the way they act.
                                Ways to tell if someone is a lycan
well, there are some ways you can tell wether someone is a lycan or not. we usually growl without even knowing. so if you hear someone growling, there's a 99% chance that they are a lycan.
Some lycans dont care about their appearance, they actually try to look like theirselves, such as long nails that resemble claws... if  you see someone like that, stay away.
Dogs have been known to sense when someone is a lycan, so if you see or hear a dog going insane while someone walks past them, its most likely that it is a lycan.
Some more interesting facts..... based upon my experiences.
female lycans are very flirty during spring.
Lycans get very depressed during winter
Whenever a new moon is coming up, a  lycan goes through odd behavior, such as being moody or mad for no reason at all.
looking at the full moon can give a lycan a headache. >___<
meat is preferred over anything else. I'd choose a steak over a piece of cake.
Lycans can sense others of their kind, or how a person is feeling or thinking. sort of a odd explanation, but it's true nonetheless.
Alot of people I've told about myself have taken much interest, almost to the extent of obsession. It seems they crave what i have, or long to know what its like. well its like being a human with a wolf inside, the soul of the wolf, and the mind of the wolf, what else is there to explain? its nothing really special, but in some cases I do take pride in the being I am. But everyone should be proud of who they are, they should be proud to be alive for that matter.
The most beautiful gift of all, is life, the most beautiful feature about a person is their soul. because once you see through it, you see something you never thought possible.
Alot of my friends say I really do have a good outlook on life. well I'm a lycan, life to me is as appreciated as it is to the wolf. animals of all kinds repsect life. because they know how precious it is to be alive, than to be dead and feel nothing. But death only comes natural, still it is a sin to kill someone else because you dont like them, or to kill yourself. I must admit I used to believe that suicide would set me free, but i had to discover something about myself to keep that thought away.
I did alot of song/poem writing, alot of exploring about others of my kind, and of course, took the honor of being a mother to two birds and a dog. whom I love very much. I live life alone and unharmed, and I feel fine, but I do yearn to live with others like myself.. to be in a pack like it was meant to be. A utopia so true..................
but dreams dont always come true........unless you make them.

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